8 Prompts To Increase Your Sales With Semalt SEO

Usually, when we talk about increasing sales in an online store, we are talking about all the activities around the store itself. Optimizing conversions, improving readability, and introducing various strategies - even on a psychological basis.

We can support these strategies with paid ads or social media activities, but if so, once we stop promoting the store in this way, we will most likely lose traffic on the website. So let's take advantage of SEO as soon as possible, because the traffic generated from the search engine will probably be the most valuable for you.

Therefore, increasing sales thanks to SEO can turn out to be a very valuable step in the development of e-commerce. This will not only improve some of the many activities in this regard, but also increase the chances of achieving better benefits.

In this guide, we will discover 8 different actions you can take to attract traffic to your e-commerce through SEO.

Actions to increase sales with SEO - 8 valuable actions

Discover below a list of 8 activities you can do to get free traffic to your site. Plus, you'll discover the appropriate tool to use at each level to make the task easy and fun!

So let's start with the first action! 

1. Do some research on keywords

The first step is to select the keywords for which your store can potentially appear in the search engine. This is, in a way, the basis for success and a good start at the same time.

To succeed in this step, it is best to use an SEO tool that can help you find interesting keywords. There are several ways.

However, the most widely used tool currently on the market is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. This tool has several features that can help you perform very advanced SEO work to quickly rank your site in search engines. 

With the DSD, you can find relevant keywords on which to position your site. In addition, this tool allows you to do a competitive analysis to know the SEO strategy of your competitors and their traffic-generating keywords. 

Once you have a list of potential keywords, you can make sure that they appear on the page.

2. Blogging

Blogging has become a great solution for the SEO strategy to increase your sales. All because every single entry is an opportunity for new content. This, in turn, generates a new URL in the sitemap and further keywords for which you can appear in the search engine and the opportunity to create internal links, including referring to a specific product in the store.

In addition, when running a shop, you can perfectly combine the addition of new content that matches the SEO activities with the objective of increasing sales. This can be achieved by creating well-chosen topics for your posts. For example, in the case of a running clothing shop, you could create content that focuses on the following phrases:
Such entries are equally valuable in terms of SEO activities, and at the same time can be simply helpful for users who want to learn something.

In addition, such content is a great way to highlight a few products from your store.

This type of content can be created for almost any industry, so consider it as soon as possible.

3. Long tail keywords

The two above points should be supplemented with information about keywords from the so-called long tail. If you are at the beginning of your adventure with SEO, these phrases will be a source of potential traffic for you, i.e. profit from the store.

Take a look at the following two phrases:
The main difference between the two is that the first is general - someone is simply looking for running clothes (of any type). The second, on the other hand, is quite strict and more specific.  More details are given and so on.

For general phrases, the search engine has to return wider results, so it's harder for your store to break through it. It is much easier to focus on a more detailed query (example 2), where there will be fewer returned search results, i.e. with less competition.

This is how you need to build a strategy to increase sales thanks to SEO, especially at the beginning of the road, where the store has no leverage yet.

In addition, to find the long-tail keywords, you can use one of the features of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard specially designed for this purpose.

4. Simple website structure

Increasing your sales with SEO can also be achieved by simplifying the link structure. Too complicated solutions are a problem for Google.

The point is not to build a "web" of links, which has a well-developed hierarchy, for example on the following principle: / shop / category / clothing / sports / sweatshirts-sweatshirts / product-name /.

Overall nothing wrong with that, but it's easy to break down the categorization too much, which in turn can make it harder for your site to be indexed. Moreover, such complexity may be felt by users who may also be disturbed by it.

So it's a good idea to be moderate here.

5. Bug fixes

Improving sales also means correcting mistakes. Just in terms of SEO, they can occur completely unknowingly to you. Nevertheless, users or robots crawling your website may come across them, which of course you don't want.

They are possible to detect even in "home" conditions. By checking, for example, the result in certain tools such as, Screaming Frog, which has the particularity to be free up to 500 links within the site.

404 errors, missing meta elements (title, description), redirects, ALT attributes of images, page speed problems, etc. can be detected and eliminated.

6. Meta description and title

These are the two things a user sees when searching for something. You could say that they are the things that represent you in the search results. So it's worth taking care of this aspect to encourage people to click on your website.

The ideal layout is to combine a keyword along with encouraging phrases that will call the user to action. In addition, this content shows what is hidden on the page, so it is also worth describing it neatly.

To find the best ideas for the Meta description and Meta title, you can take a look at the sites of competitors who have more traffic than you. However, do not copy and paste from the competitors' site, but you should find inspiration to produce your own text that will be relevant.

7. Optimization for RWD

Increasing sales thanks to SEO also means optimization of the website for mobile devices. Here, the game is no longer just about making sure your website scales well on the smaller screen, but about making it usable.

The optimisation is important because the number of computer users (desktops, laptops) switching to mobile is constantly increasing. Already, you can often find half and half results. No wonder, just look around, and every second person will have their nose on their phone.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for your store to generate sales by correctly displaying the content on smartphones. So make sure that all elements are sufficiently separated from each other, and that it is easy to move between the entire ordering process in the store: product page, cart, ordering, etc.... Make sure that the fields to fill in with data are easy to use and well displayed.

In other words, make the store intuitive and pleasant to use.

8. Speed of action

Increasing sales through SEO activities can be achieved by improving page loading speed. Unfortunately, even the first position in the search engine will be wasted if the site is slow. Users don't like to wait long for something, so you have to give them everything for now. Otherwise, they will quickly give up and visit the competitor's website.

In addition, loading speed is also a ranking factor, so Google will also include a poor result in the search results returned.

To control the loading time of your site you can use the DSD which will give you information on how the users can access your site. In addition, this tool provides you with suggestions on how to improve your site's loading time as much as possible. It shows you in a short time all the elements that prevent your site from loading quickly and gives you guidelines to follow to solve these problems. 

Increasing sales thanks to SEO - text summary

So far, we have described the basics of SEO in a few broad strokes. There are many other aspects that contribute to the development of an online store. But, if you can put into practice the 8 tips described in this guide, we can assure you that you will get a very good start and the rest will follow.

As you can see, there are several aspects of SEO that can translate into more sales.

It is worth noting that more search traffic means more visits and with each subsequent visit, the chances of selling products increase.

Thus, you can significantly increase sales through SEO with the help of the above tips.

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